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Rapid Lake Lodge
Embark on a journey through the great outdoors and discover
all that nature has to offer.

Rapid lake lodge

The lodge is located on one of the many widenings of the Tunulik River. This coastal river of Ungava Bay is known to host a population of anadromous Arctic char. It rubs shoulders on its downstream part with the sea trout and some salmon. On the upstream part of the river, we find speckled trout, lake trout (Touladi), and whitefish whose habitat varies from the currents to the numerous enlargements of the river throughout the season.


Our guides are experts in the outdoors and provide quality fishing guides, nature exploration, hiking, and photography services. With years of experience in the wilderness, our guide knows how to provide clients with a safe and enjoyable experience. They have a vast knowledge of the local environment and can help you find the best fishing spot or explore nature.

They have a great eye for catching trout and other fish species in freshwater streams and lakes. Their expertise doesn’t stop at fishing; they can teach you about plants and plan routes that take into account terrain features, weather patterns, and more! Whether tracking wild animals on a hike or taking stunning photographs of landscapes, our guide knows exactly how to get the most out of your outdoor experience.

Our guides are dedicated to providing clients with the best outdoor experience possible. They take all safety precautions seriously and will ensure you are comfortable throughout your adventure. They understand that each outing should be tailored to individual needs; thus, they will listen to your suggestions about what you would like to do on your trip so that it is as unique an experience as possible.

Their long-time love for nature means they will do everything they can to protect the environment during your excursion; this includes respecting wildlife habitats when exploring trails or using eco-friendly fishing techniques. Our guides truly cares about creating unforgettable memories for his clients no matter what outdoor activities they choose!

Our Values

Sustainable fishing practices

Our commitment to fairness ensures that all visitors to our waters understand and uphold the standards of sustainable fishing.
From recreational fishers through to professional anglers, we strive for harmony between man and fish.

Environmentally responsible

Our dedication to the regions we serve is unwavering, and protecting both our environment and its complex network of life forms has become a major priority for us.
We are passionate about the places in which we work and strive to promote environmental stability.

Respect and connection to the Inuit culture

Our commitment to respect the territory and the Inuit cultural values. This commitment goes in the direction of promoting the development of local human resources and being an actor in the development of a sustainable tourism offer.